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  • Sharing Deep Dialogue

    Sharing Deep Dialogue

    Great relationships are the result of two individuals sharing, deep dialogue. Here are some deep, dialogue, starter statements. ABOUT self- -Something good that happened today is…. -Today, I am grateful for…. -I am hopeful when…. -It makes me happy when….. -A dream I have is…. ABOUT God- -God has blessed me…. -I saw God at…

  • Simple or Deep Change

    Simple or Deep Change

    Simple change or Deep change? I spoke to a guy once, he’d been in counseling for one month. He was bragging. “Everything is fixed. We are all better. All is so good. We fixed our marriage!” So, I asked. What did you change? His response, “Nothing! I just stopped arguing. I’m keeping more stuff to…

  • A New Start

    A New Start

    Im trying a new strategy in my marriage. I know the bible says don’t go to bed angry. I must confess I have failed in that area. The bible also says, God’s love is new every morning. So, I am trying to walk in His fresh, new, love every morning. Now, each morning, I wake…

  • Great Marriage

    Great Marriage

    What does it take to have a great emotional marriage? Two things. You need two safe, growing, individuals. Then, you need a safe place for those two individuals to work on personal growth–together. Any out of control behavior challenges emotional safety. Your mission is to walk in spiritual wisdom and emotional disciple. In the past…

  • A Safe Place

    A Safe Place

    I went to a seminar yesterday. The speaker said, “marriage is were two individuals try to create a safe space and help each other with individual growth”. Meaning – It was a light bulb moment!!! How can the above two things happen if either spouse is stuck (not changing) OR out of control? If, one…

  • 40 Days of Oneness

    40 Days of Oneness

    This workbook is a tool to help a couple grow closer to each other. It’s specifically designed to help a man connect with his wife on a deeper level. If you are a man who does not talk or express emotions well, and you desire to connect better with your wife, the activities in this…