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  • Helping Men Navigate between Logic and Emotion

    Helping Men Navigate between Logic and Emotion

    Watch Stephen and Jonathan discuss “Channel 2.”

  • Old Things Passed Away

    Old Things Passed Away

    I was wondering what happens in a healthy mind? Here is a collection of things you might experience. Verse Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come. 2 Cor 5:17 NASB May God bless you as your mind, heart and soul are being transformed.    Amen

  • Peace, Rest, and Joy

    Peace, Rest, and Joy

    Every morning you wake up. Work. Serve. Share. Pray. Learn. Bless. And, Rest.Then, you go to bed. And, repeat the pattern the next day. Those are regular daily activities. But, what is the SOUL PROGRAM that drives all that activity? Your SOUL PROGRAM is the storage place of all your life experiences and beliefs. Remember,…

  • Growing in Agency

    Growing in Agency

    Albert Bandura, Psychologist is credited with developing this term, “Human Agency.” (Or, “Agency” for short.) Agency includes how you act, think and interact with life. There are four parts to the definition of agency: Pay special attention to number four. Why am I writing about Agency? Because, you have one life to live. Running a…

  • What is Your Choice Today?

    What is Your Choice Today?

    On your Christian walk you will have many decisions. But, there is one major emotional-spiritual decision: You will either wrap yourself in God’s love and find rest. Or, you will decide to “perform” to earn your love. If you pick a performing lifestyle, your life will have some thrills but mostly you will be exhausted…

  • Like Water Off a Ducks Back

    Like Water Off a Ducks Back

    Our hearts are made for love, by love, and to love. The fuel of our heart is love. What is the opposite of love? Rejection. So, we love, love and we hate rejection.We love being chosen. We hate being excluded. Criticism is verbal rejection. Criticism triggers rejection and pain: “You’re so stupid! You’re just a…

  • Four Scary Things that Live Inside My Head

    Four Scary Things that Live Inside My Head

    I’ve heard this statement several times. “I’m good! As long as I can just stay out of my own head.” So, I asked myself. What’s in his head? Here are four possible scary answers. These four topics play an unending, inner, verbal, loop of misery. And, that loop lives night and day in my head.…

  • Three Years

    Three Years

    When a man is in recovery he needs one thought: “One day at a time.” But when a man starts an emotional growth mission he needs this thought: “Three years.” This is what his emotional growth journey looks like: YEAR ONE YEAR TWO YEAR THREE Biblical Concepts Submit yourselves. Take the narrow path. Seek and…

  • Her Emotional Struggle

    Her Emotional Struggle

    A wife tells her husband she is feeling lonely. She wants more closeness and emotional connection. She continues, I want us to grow deeper in our relationship. I want a deep, emotional connection with you. Her husband, inwardly, snickers. Outwardly he says, “I’ll try.” He changes for a few days. Then, he falls back into…

  • Breaking Through

    Breaking Through

    What are some reasons for a man to be emotional stunted? Here are a few: Based on the above, he shut down and disconnected from his own emotional system. Now, let’s look at the long view. He spent the first 18 years of life designing a survival system void of emotions. Then, the next 20…

  • Armor Up!

    Armor Up!

    When someone says, “You failed!” I get upset fast. My stomach and chest tighten. Then, fear floods my emotional system. From my view, it’s an all out assault. The old, inner, voice whispers, “You failed again. You never learn. You’re just not good enough!” Blame and shame join the attack. All it took was one…

  • Emotional-Spiritual Growth Mission

    Emotional-Spiritual Growth Mission

    What happens on an Emotional-Spiritual Growth Mission? You first notice your biggest, scariest wound starts shrinking. Then, you start to see some smaller wounds that also need work. You discover God is always ready to meet you in your wounded place. And, God always speaks wisdom and brings healing. You notice you’ve stopped running away.…