Equipping Christian Men for Richer Relationships


  • Foundational Beliefs of Great Love

    Foundational Beliefs of Great Love

    Stephen relays a visit with his mother and the foundational beliefs that shape her identity and attitude toward love.

  • How Deeply can you Know Yourself?

    How Deeply can you Know Yourself?

    If you don’t know yourself, how well can you really know your wife?

  • How Deeply Can She be Known?

    How Deeply Can She be Known?

    A scenario expressing how a wife wants to be known.

  • Mister Unemotional

    Mister Unemotional

    Stephen reveals the thoughts of a man who defines himself as unemotional.

  • Our Highest Calling

    Our Highest Calling

    Stephen shares thoughts from Christopher West’s book, Our Bodies Tell God’s Story.

  • Not a Nurturer

    Not a Nurturer

    Have you noticed how some individuals are not good at nurturing? They are nice people but they offer little support. They may be around but you never feel close to them. You sense something is off, but you can’t put your finger on it. They say a lot of words but they bring no comfort.…

  • Give Your Emotions a Voice

    Give Your Emotions a Voice

    Today’s discussion is about using your voice. Some children were taught not to express their thoughts. Today, you are being asked to use your voice to express thoughts about yourself.

  • For Troubled Men

    For Troubled Men

    Since, you became a Christian, Jesus has patiently been waiting for you to invite him into the painful unworthy-belief-story that lives deep in your soul.

  • Recipe for Personal Growth

    Recipe for Personal Growth

    Stephen calls out four key ingredients for growth and change.

  • Male Maturity

    Male Maturity

    How does a man’s relationship thinking change over time? What is the difference between young, male, self-absorbed thinking and senior, male, Jesus-loving thinking?

  • Why Do We Fall?

    Why Do We Fall?

    Why do we fall? This is a deep question and we can’t ever fully answer the “why” questions. But it’s worth the conversation. In this episode, Stephen and Jonathan dive deep into the emotional and spiritual tangles that we all face.

  • Our Ministry Philosophy

    Our Ministry Philosophy

    Always practice gratitude. No blame, no Shame. Just keep moving forward! There is no failure–just new learning!