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  • My Restless Mind

    My Restless Mind

    Sometimes my mind loves to wallow in regret. It reminds me of failure as I try to fall asleep. It whispers, “Loser” in the dark of the night. It taps into painful decisions made in my youth. At times, in the quietest moments, my brain turns against me. What can one do? What do you…

  • A Piece of the Puzzle

    A Piece of the Puzzle

    I like to see a person as a puzzle. All their pieces fitting together. That includes thoughts, language, and behaviors. Here are a few puzzle pieces and how I put them together.

  • Describing the Problem

    Describing the Problem

    To solve a problem you must define it correctly. If you define it correctly you’ve half solved it. This post is not about a solution. It is about accurately describing the problem.


  • 40 Days of Oneness

    40 Days of Oneness

    This workbook is a tool to help a couple grow closer to each other. It’s specifically designed to help a man connect with his wife on a deeper level.

  • The 40 Day Relationship Builder

    The 40 Day Relationship Builder

    A collection of 40 stories covering different aspects of life, relationship, growth, and intimacy. Use this workbook to build stronger marriages through dialogue.

  • 49 Days of Growth

    49 Days of Growth

    This workbook has one goal: emotional growth. It’s divided into seven weekly topics. You’re asked to focus for seven days on each topic. Each one has a significant role in the emotional-spiritual health of a man.

  • Growth Map

    Growth Map

    This workbook maps out your broken emotional system and reveals how you assembled it. It then shows you a way to go on a growth mission to repair your emotional system, resulting in a pathway to peace, rest, and joy.

  • A Lover Repents

    A Lover Repents

    The words to follow are written as the heart cry of one man. It is provided as an opportunity to peek into his journey. This writing shares how one man struggled with his past addiction to pornography, how that man struggled in crying out to God, and how that man grieved for his wife and…