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Our mission is to provide material for husbands to strengthen their marriage relationships.

Doctor Marriage Mission
  • Grumpy or Sage

    Grumpy or Sage

    Do you want to die a grumpy old man or a sage? To become a sage, you must do emotional-spiritual work in the middle years of life.

  • Meaningful Conversation

    Meaningful Conversation

    We are two different people. Yes, we have negotiated lots of differences. However, we still have some hot spot differences that need MEANINGFUL conversation.

  • For Best Results

    For Best Results

    Stephen answers the question, “How do you see this blog being used?”

40 Days of Oneness

Start Connecting with your Spouse

This workbook is a tool to help a couple grow closer to each other. It’s specifically designed to help a man connect with his wife on a deeper level. If you are a man who does not talk or express emotions well, and you desire to connect better with your wife, the activities in this workbook are designed for you. This is a workbook for couples.

49 Days of Growth

Growing in Emotional Skills

This workbook has one goal: emotional growth. It’s divided into seven weekly topics. You’re asked to focus for seven days on each topic. Each one has a significant role in the emotional-spiritual health of a man.

Topics are: Maturity, Learning, Grieving, Peace, Gratitude, Rest, and Joy.

Growth Map

Growth Map

The Pathway to Peace, Rest, and Joy

This workbook maps out your broken emotional system and reveals how you assembled it. It then shows you a way to go on a growth mission to repair your emotional system, resulting in a pathway to peace, rest, and joy.

This is a workbook for men and can be used in personal, one-on-one, small group study, or large group study.