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  • A Simple Roadmap

    A Simple Roadmap

    It is a simplified, roadmap to freedom. It’s written as one person’s story. And, it’s a gift to hopefully educate and encourage you. (Note- Some emotional wounds are deep and heal slowly. This is an educational, emotional map and not intended to treat trauma.) FIRST – I knew the way forward was back through the…

  • I Choose You!

    I Choose You!

    What words does your soul long to hear?What are three powerful, emotional, spiritual words?Which three words are almost as important as, I love you?“I CHOOSE YOU!” Those words convey a place of belonging.They meanYou are includedYou belong with me“I CHOOSE YOU! Those three words convey-A vision,A future andTogetherness.“I CHOOSE YOU!”As a friend,A resource,And, as someone…

  • A Hole in Your He_art

    A Hole in Your He_art

    A Recovery Coach made this statement to a client.“You developed an addiction because you have a hole in your heart. And, you’re trying to fill it.” I thought, What does it mean to have a “hole in your heart?” When I think of the HEART, I immediately think: Your HEART is the place of love,…

  • Why Dig up my Past?

    Why Dig up my Past?

    To be free in the present, you must revisit your past. Why? Here are a few reasons: Because of these things your foundation is wobbly in places. Why go back into your old stories? Here are three reasons. Conclusion Because, you will go back as an adult. That alone will change everything. If you are…

  • Fully Known???

    Fully Known???

    I often hear at Men’s Retreats. “You want to be fully known and fully loved.” My first response is, “YES! I want to be fully loved.” Then, I ask myself, “What person do I want, to know my every odd, quirky, bizarre thoughts?” Answer- No one. Here’s what I want!-A God who forgives my sins…

  • Questions and Answers About the Journey

    Questions and Answers About the Journey

    1. Can you keep growing even if your spouse does not? Yes. Life is one long, spiritual, emotional growth mission. If your spouse gets stuck you must keep growing. 2. What is a negative belief that can torment your soul? Shame. It is the habit of regularly telling yourself, “You are worthless and unwanted.” 3.…

  • 10 Ways to Know You are Changing

    10 Ways to Know You are Changing

    1. You start using new language like, “Im working on myself.” Or, “I’m on an Emotional Growth mission.” 2. You start looking deeper inside yourself. Old painful stories get retold. And, childhood pain gets vented out. 3. You start saying things like, “Old Me – New Me” or “Old Program- New Program.” 4. You start…

  • A Little More Happiness

    A Little More Happiness

    In the book, Build the Life You Want by Brooks and Winfrey, they discuss the topic of happiness. They ask this question: “Can you be just a little happier today?” They continued. “Even if a current obstacle doesn’t get removed? Or, your situation does not improve?” “Your relationships may not get better.Still, can you be…

  • How to be at Peace in Aloneness

    How to be at Peace in Aloneness

    Watch as Stephen and Jonathan talk about the difference between being alone and being lonely.

  • Collecting Tools

    Collecting Tools

    Author note I was asked recently if these blogs included aspects of my life. Here is how I create a blog. I hear an important emotional concept from a person, podcast or book. The concept creates a light bulb moment. (Or, the Holy Spirit points it out and shakes me.) Either way my response is…

  • Self Condemnation Resolved

    Self Condemnation Resolved

    One life goal is to run a child-like soul. A soul that is loaded with peace, rest, and joy. Unfortunately, most of us carry heavy, old condemnation. Here is a biblical insight to challenge lingering condemnation. Therefore there is now no condemnation at all for those who are in Christ Jesus. Romans 8:1 (NASB) What? I’ve spent a…

  • Noticing a Change

    Noticing a Change

    God recently showed me an old, confusing inner, battle. Allow me to try to explain it. I was in a conversation that started getting very personal. Suddenly, I had this urge to pull back. As the conversation got deeper my stress level increased. Instead of exploring my stress. An inner, scared part of me whispered.…