Equipping Christian Men for Richer Relationships

Im trying a new strategy in my marriage.

I know the bible says don’t go to bed angry.

I must confess I have failed in that area.

The bible also says, God’s love is new every morning.

So, I am trying to walk in His fresh, new, love every morning.

Now, each morning, I wake up and making these pronouncements.

Today, is a fresh, new day.

Today is independent of yesterday.

Yesterday’s hurts are forgiven, released, or just left in the past.

I will not make myself sick today by eating yesterday’s bad leftovers.

Last night’s sleep has reset me.

I will live today like it is the only day I will ever live.

So, today I start fresh, new, and hopeful.

I will carry no grudges.

I release all my hurts, disappointments, and offenses to Jesus.

I am, right now, made new!


Jesus, I release my right to hold ANY offense. I will offer forgiveness like you have forgiven every stupid thing I have ever done. Thank you. And please make my heart and mind just like yours. Amen


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