Equipping Christian Men for Richer Relationships

Tag: Day 20

  • You Look Good in Green

    You Look Good in Green

    It is important to have the right view of church. Church is a meeting place for Grinches. Grinches have small hearts. They have a history of being selfish, greedy, and self centered. They take first and give second. In youth, they lack maturity. And in adulthood, they lack maturity. Grinches have expertise. They look out…

  • A New Start

    A New Start

    Im trying a new strategy in my marriage. I know the bible says don’t go to bed angry. I must confess I have failed in that area. The bible also says, God’s love is new every morning. So, I am trying to walk in His fresh, new, love every morning. Now, each morning, I wake…