Equipping Christian Men for Richer Relationships

After 25 years of marriage a husband made these comments.

I have been the same for the last 50 years.

I learned to live independent during a hard childhood. The way I have acted has helped me survive my childhood, difficult teenage years, and military service. Being strong and private has served me well. Why must I change?

His wife responds.-

You, acting like a rock, is crushing the life out of me. I feel so alone in this marriage. Today, I am setting you free. You may have your wish. You are free to live as strong and private as you want. But, do it without me. I can no longer stay and get sicker in this marriage.

The husband does some soul searching. –

My first choice is to stay the same. Which means I die strong, detached and without my wife.

My second choice is to tell her the truth. She is my best friend. And, she has saved me from the deep, loneliness I also carry.

He decides. –

I must step up and save her from leaving broken and alone. I must stop hiding and emotionally grow up. And, if I change I can save “us.”

So, he prays.-

Jesus, please help me walk the difficult journey of growth, sacrifice and change. Amen


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