Equipping Christian Men for Richer Relationships

Great relationships are the result of two individuals sharing, deep dialogue.

Here are some deep, dialogue, starter statements.

ABOUT self-

-Something good that happened today is….

-Today, I am grateful for….

-I am hopeful when….

-It makes me happy when…..

-A dream I have is….


-God has blessed me….

-I saw God at work today …

-I am working on submitting…

ABOUT spouse-

What I appreciate about you is…..

You bless me when….

I see you being sacrificial….

How to use these comments-

1 . Talk about these topics with your wife. Then, flip them and ask her to respond to these same statements.

2 . If not married, use them in a prayer conversation with Abba.


Jesus and Holy Spirit, help me keep growing deeper in oneness. Amen