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  • Why do we Fall?

    Why do we Fall?

    Most of us have old emotional areas we battle and struggle to surrender to the spiritual. When you are emotionally hindered, find yourself stuck, or worse–break down, even though you still love Jesus, it’s your emotional program that needs work.

  • There can’t be a God!

    There can’t be a God!

    I have a friend. He’s a Christian, medical professional, and a senior adult. Recently, he shared a long-time inner-conflict. It goes like this. “There can’t be a God! And, there must be a God!” (Here are my two sides of that debate.) THERE CAN’T BE A GOD! God makes no sense. You can’t see or…

  • Handling major, negative life events

    Handling major, negative life events

    When major, negative, life events occur, two outcomes are possible. 1. You experience damage to your soul. Next, you shape your life from that emotional damage. Finally, you begin to demonstrate unhealthy, emotional actions and behaviors (Anger, control, defensiveness, etc.). 2. You experience emotional damage. Afterwards, you dig in deeply and do emotional-spiritual recovery work.…

  • These are still True.

    These are still True.

    I experienced a huge life change once. It involved deep sadness, feelings of being lost, and lots of confusion. Everything had become disordered. How could I go forward? And, if forward, on what foundation? In a dark moment, the Holy Spirit whispered. These are still true. -God is God. -Truth is truth. -Right is right.…

  • God View vs. Self View

    God View vs. Self View

    What is your God view? And, what is your Self view? Many older Christians were taught this view: So, for a long time I loved God. And, was confused and just tolerated myself. I saw me as an inadequate, struggling Self. And, I thought God saw me as his sad, inadequate, struggling, under functioning follower.…

  • Three areas of Life

    Three areas of Life

    Chad Warner, addiction counselor, was speaking recently. He said, “You must work on three areas of your life. The three areas include; Spiritual Care, Self Care, and Marital Care.” Here’s my take on those three areas. Spiritual Care We are spiritual beings. We need a spiritual program. That program must explain life, death, purpose and…

  • Two Emotional Battles

    Two Emotional Battles

    In life you have two emotional battles you must win.

  • Who could I help?

    Who could I help?

    Christians are told to be part of a ministry. They are told to minister to one another. Many quietly whisper, “Me? Be in ministry? Who could I help? What would I say?” This thought rises.“You are perfectly equipped and trained to help people just like you.”This ministry question might also be asked a little differently.…

  • Peace, Rest and Joy

    Peace, Rest and Joy

    Growing up, I was always trying to belong. I wanted to be loved, enjoyed, and valued. I was looking for acceptance in high school and college. I learned to get lots of approval by helping, serving, and pleasing others. But, helping and pleasing others was only half-fulfilling. So next, I started visiting churches and looking…

  • Safe and Loved

    Safe and Loved

    An educator was reading some research. The topic was children and learning. She reported: Children learn best when two things are present. How simple and yet so powerful. Look back, growing up, did you feel safe and well loved? Check yourself today. Do you feel safe and well loved inside yourself? Look around. Is your…

  • Soul, Spirit, Etc.

    Soul, Spirit, Etc.

    What if there are always four systems at work in your life? 1 . YOUR SOUL- is a puzzle, picture of all your memories and thoughts. It includes everything from restful, peaceful feelings to tormented, restless feelings. Your whole emotional system = your soul. 2 . YOUR SPIRIT- You are a spirit that lives in…

  • The Fight is On!

    The Fight is On!

    Up boys! The fight is upon us. Some of us are taking hits. Sadly, we are taking friendly fire. People who are supposed to love and forgive instead are resorting to anger and name-calling. They think wounding your soul is a good thing. Further, they hope, it will awaken and punish you and empower themselves.…