Equipping Christian Men for Richer Relationships

What if there are always four systems at work in your life?

1 . YOUR SOUL- is a puzzle, picture of all your memories and thoughts. It includes everything from restful, peaceful feelings to tormented, restless feelings. Your whole emotional system = your soul.

2 . YOUR SPIRIT- You are a spirit that lives in a body. Your spirit is your free will to serve whom ever you want. At your death your spirit leaves your body and rises to meet the Maker.

3 . THE HOLY SPIRIT- is the part of God that you invited to live inside you.

4 . THE EVIL SPIRIT- is a spirit that has wicked intent and roams around causing trouble.


-Most of your problems come from the pain, shame, and confusion that keeps YOUR SOUL in torment.

-When YOUR SPIRIT follows SOUL-TROUBLES bad things happens.

-When YOUR SPIRIT follows the HOLY SPIRIT blessings happen.

A good day is when your SOUL PROGRAM and YOUR SPIRIT work together in pursuit off the HOLY SPIRIT.

A bad day happens when your TROUBLED-SOUL and YOUR SPIRIT follow the EVIL one.

May your SOUL PROGRAM and YOUR SPIRIT be in total harmony with GOD’S SPIRIT today.

And, thereby find great, inner rest.



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