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  • A Piece of the Puzzle

    A Piece of the Puzzle

    I like to see a person as a puzzle. All their pieces fitting together. That includes thoughts, language, and behaviors. Here are a few puzzle pieces and how I put them together.

  • Two Programs: Emotional and Spiritual

    Two Programs: Emotional and Spiritual

    We all run two programs. We run a spiritual and an emotional program. Have you ever heard anyone talk about how the two programs work together?

  • Standing to Support Her

    Standing to Support Her

    What are God’s men called to do when a wife enters into emotional pain? How should he handle himself? What should he think, do, and say?

  • The Goodness of Sadness

    The Goodness of Sadness

    Some individuals found emotions chaotic and painful. The solution was to turn off their emotions. (Detach) So, now when they are supposed to feel sad they feel numb instead.

  • Grumpy or Sage

    Grumpy or Sage

    Do you want to die a grumpy old man or a sage? To become a sage, you must do emotional-spiritual work in the middle years of life.

  • A Letter from a Struggling Wife

    A Letter from a Struggling Wife

    A letter from a struggling wife, pleading with her husband to grow up emotionally.

  • Two Wakeup Calls

    Two Wakeup Calls

    One major life goal should be to run a healthy emotional program. Here are two major griefs that can occur in life. Read them. Then review your own emotional program.

  • Friday Discussion

    Friday Discussion

    Discussion: Addictions are complicated. But there are some similarities. They are often seen as a way to escape emotional pain.

  • 13 Questions for Exploring an Emotional System

    13 Questions for Exploring an Emotional System

    What do we mean when we say, “To have peace, rest and joy you must learn your emotional system.” You may ask, “What makes up an emotional system?” or “Can you give me an overview of the important parts of an emotional system.”

  • Inside and Outside Me

    Inside and Outside Me

    Consider this letter. Does it sound like you?

  • Why do we Fall?

    Why do we Fall?

    Most of us have old emotional areas we battle and struggle to surrender to the spiritual. When you are emotionally hindered, find yourself stuck, or worse–break down, even though you still love Jesus, it’s your emotional program that needs work.

  • Two Emotional Programs

    Two Emotional Programs

    I’ve noticed something from years of counseling. Here’s my observation: Healthy adults have developed a second emotional program. Or, said differently, struggling adults only have one emotional program.