Equipping Christian Men for Richer Relationships

I experienced a huge life change once.

It involved deep sadness, feelings of being lost, and lots of confusion.

Everything had become disordered.

How could I go forward? And, if forward, on what foundation?

In a dark moment, the Holy Spirit whispered.

These are still true.

-God is God.

-Truth is truth.

-Right is right.

-And, Good is still good.

Repeating those four beliefs, I took one step forward. Then, the next step and so on.

That was the beginning of restoring order.

So, remember when chaos, confusion and trauma show up, hang on to the big four truths.

Blessings on you and your journey. Especially, in life’s darkest moments.

And, remember the Holy Spirit still whispers and Jesus is always True North.



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