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  • Transformational Business

    Transformational Business

    What business are we in? Here are a few thoughts. It’a a wonderful fellowship of people working together. Have you noticed the best living is, going through a new life experience, (transformation) and holding Abba’s hand? Hold tight today. Insights, truths and lessons are everywhere. Transformation is happening. You are looking more like our CEO…

  • Show Me

    Show Me

    The Holy Spirit has several names. The Spirit has been called comforter, teacher, and guide. The Holy Spirit is also called counselor, helper, and advocate. The Spirit is a gift from the Heavenly Father. He was given to the disciples when Jesus was sacrificed and went back to be with the Heavenly Father. The Holy…

  • Finish Strong

    Finish Strong

    Be what God created you to be? Don’t die a wounded, angry, confused, performing, perfectionist! We all saw how well that turned out. We saw how each one of us got stuck and how our stuntedness has hurt us. It has also hurt our spouses/girlfriends and our relationships. Time to start moving forward again. No…

  • 49 Days of Growth

    49 Days of Growth

    This workbook has one goal: emotional growth. It’s divided into seven weekly topics. You’re asked to focus for seven days on each topic. Each one has a significant role in the emotional-spiritual health of a man.