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The Holy Spirit has several names. The Spirit has been called comforter, teacher, and guide.

The Holy Spirit is also called counselor, helper, and advocate. The Spirit is a gift from the Heavenly Father. He was given to the disciples when Jesus was sacrificed and went back to be with the Heavenly Father. The Holy Spirit is the day-to-day, working part of God.

I’ve been trying out some new prayer language. It goes like this.

When I am stressed

Holy Spirit Comforter, please calm me.

When I need understanding

Holy Spirit Teacher, please educate me.

When I am lost

Holy Spirit Guide, please lead me.

When I need insights

Holy Spirit Counselor, please show me emotional truths.

When the assignment seems too big

Holy Spirit Helper, please help me.

When I need help pleading my cause

Holy Spirit Advocate, please intervene on my behalf.


I’m just sharing thoughts about how I am working out my faith. Remember to read your bible for God’s training. Amen


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