Equipping Christian Men for Richer Relationships

Up boys!

The fight is upon us.

Some of us are taking hits.

Sadly, we are taking friendly fire.

People who are supposed to love and forgive instead are resorting to anger and name-calling.

They think wounding your soul is a good thing.

Further, they hope, it will awaken and punish you and empower themselves.

To label another person is a dangerous practice.

Should one broken part of creation (a person) stand in judgment and determine (with a label) the worth of another?

No! Only our maker may determine our worth. (Label us)

We know we are sinners, who have been bought at a great price.

Our true names are chosen, redeemed, friends of God, and saints.

So, armor up for the current name calling barrage.

Then, use Spiritual Power Tool #7.

-Bow your head and whisper.

-“Father, forgive him/her for he does not know what he is doing.” And, Father, I chose your labels because they are a better fuel source for my soul.



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