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Tag: John 3:16

  • 2 x 4 Love

    2 x 4 Love

    If you were not loved well as a child, you are always on the hunt for more love. And, If you can’t find love you will use a cheap substitute for love. How many people do you know who use some vice to try to comfort themselves?

  • Foundational Beliefs of Great Love

    Foundational Beliefs of Great Love

    Stephen relays a visit with his mother and the foundational beliefs that shape her identity and attitude toward love.

  • Not a Nurturer

    Not a Nurturer

    Have you noticed how some individuals are not good at nurturing? They are nice people but they offer little support. They may be around but you never feel close to them. You sense something is off, but you can’t put your finger on it. They say a lot of words but they bring no comfort.…

  • Father, Mentor, and Trainer

    Father, Mentor, and Trainer

    Every man needs a father and mentor. Some fathers are not able to engage with their sons. And, those sons may struggle for a lifetime. Every son needs the blessing of a father who is also a guide and trainer. That son and father need to share life together. The blessing happens on a long…