Equipping Christian Men for Richer Relationships

I had breakfast with a friend.

He reminded me that he’d struggled with anger most of his life. Then, he said. I’ve made progress. And, I’m much better at managing my anger. But, I’ve discovered a new problem. I don’t know how to express my emotions. I stumble to find my words. It’s hard to put sentences together. And, my thoughts just don’t flow out very easily. Expressing anger is so much faster and easier.

I realized underneath this grown man’s anger was a lost, scared, confused, emotionally under-trained boy. He was admitting to me – this big, emotional world is very hard to understand.

He continued. I don’t know how to speak emotionally. And, because of my weakness my wife and family have suffered. I am ready to learn. Can you help me?

It was a beautiful, sacred, hopeful moment. It was full of raw, honesty and vulnerability.

(My spirit reminded me of the bible verse- confess your sins and you will be healed.)

Them, I responded to him spiritually and emotionally…..

I thanked my friend for letting me in.

Closing- This story is representative of many angry men we all know.


1 . Most angry men are scared boys, under-trained, and living emotionally disconnected.

2 . Growing up they had no healthy, emotional role models.

3 . Meaning, no parent engaged them on an emotional level. So, they don’t know what it’s like to live emotionally close to another person.

Prayer- God please bless us one and all on our spiritual-emotional growth mission. Amen


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