Equipping Christian Men for Richer Relationships

Dear Spouse,
I’d like to share four thoughts with you.

Thought #1

If you are inwardly peaceful, then I will enjoy a peaceful home.
If, on the other hand you are angry, I will live in fear of your outbursts. If, you are a worrier, my life will be filled with anxiety. If, you are negative, our daily conversations will be about “what went wrong” today. I want a life of peace, rest, and joy.

Thought #2

I’ve spent a lifetime trying to ignore old fear and negative behaviors. My old solution was to just pretend old fear did not exist. Today, I confess to God, myself and you. I have emotional struggles. And, I am starting to walk through my deep, buried fear.

Thought #3

Here is what has caused me to change. As I’ve watched you ignore old fears and practice bad behaviors God gave me a new insight. I have no right to confront you until I have confronted my own deep fear and negative behaviors.

Thought #4

We buried old hurt and fear long ago. Today, that old, childhood fear drives bad adult behaviors. Bad behaviors hinder new, healthy growth. If either of us stops doing emotional growth work, then we are forever stuck. And, our marriage is stuck.


Because of what I’ve just outlined, I must never stop doing emotional and spiritual, growth work.

Dear One I love, Will you please, please, please grow with me? Amen


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