Equipping Christian Men for Richer Relationships

Why do I send out a daily text? Here are ten insights about why I write.

  1. My personal mission is to, “Train men and educate women.”
  2. Most men need emotional training and there are very few emotional trainers available.
  3. I’ve been studying God, men, relationships and emotional growth for 40 years.
  4. .Older men are told to train the younger men. So, I thought it was time.
  5. My hope is to challenge men with one thought a day for a year. (Except Sundays, no texts)
  6. I love learning in four areas of life. They include God, men, emotional growth and marriage.
  7. The texts include stories, beliefs, and templates for living. A text might sound like one person’s story. Every story is actually a combination of many but it’s told as one.
  8. I started writing these texts to encourage a group of 7 men who attended a men’s retreat. And, it’s grown from there.
  9. Now husbands are reading to wives, friends are forwarding them to friends, and men and women are using them for personal and relationship growth.
  10. Finally, I just wanted to share what I’m learning and how I’m making my own life work.

My Goal is to live a life overflowing with peace, rest, and joy.

Learn and grow in God and self-awareness. It’s in taking wise, small steps that you arrive at peace, rest, and joy.


To God be all glory. Amen


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