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To be free in the present, you must revisit your past. Why? Here are a few reasons:

  • Imperfect parents raised you.
  • Their world view influenced yours.
  • Old stories shaped your present beliefs.
  • Past hurts left scars.
  • Mean kids mocked and hurt you.
  • Events shaped you.
  • Deep fears were formed.
  • Older, hurting individuals impacted your childhood.
  • Life was hard and you were small.
  • You designed much of your emotional program with the thoughts and beliefs of a confused child.
  • The foundation of your adulthood stands directly on the wants, beliefs, and fears of a child.

Because of these things your foundation is wobbly in places. Why go back into your old stories?

Here are three reasons.

  • Healing.
  • To release old, held, emotional pain.
  • For growth into adult wants, beliefs and fear management.


Because, you will go back as an adult. That alone will change everything.

If you are emotionally stuck in the present, look for roots in the past.

A Question-

If, I look back, why would I think anything will change?

Bible verse- Old things have passed away: new things have come.

God, please give us wisdom and growth. Amen


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