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  • My Restless Mind

    My Restless Mind

    Sometimes my mind loves to wallow in regret. It reminds me of failure as I try to fall asleep. It whispers, “Loser” in the dark of the night. It taps into painful decisions made in my youth. At times, in the quietest moments, my brain turns against me. What can one do? What do you…

  • From Calm Surrender to Peace, Rest, and Joy

    From Calm Surrender to Peace, Rest, and Joy

    This is going to be an odd post. Because it’s about dogs and brains.

  • Grumpy or Sage

    Grumpy or Sage

    Do you want to die a grumpy old man or a sage? To become a sage, you must do emotional-spiritual work in the middle years of life.

  • Two Emotional Programs

    Two Emotional Programs

    I’ve noticed something from years of counseling. Here’s my observation: Healthy adults have developed a second emotional program. Or, said differently, struggling adults only have one emotional program.