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  • Two Emotional Programs

    Two Emotional Programs

    I’ve noticed something from years of counseling. Here’s my observation: Healthy adults have developed a second emotional program. Or, said differently, struggling adults only have one emotional program.

  • Your Four Missions

    Your Four Missions

    There are four missions in life. MISSION NUMBER ONE – Is to pursue God, learn God and love God. You are told to (learn and) love God with all your heart, soul and mind. MISSION NUMBER TWO – Is to learn yourself. (Retrain and) set you mind on things above. (Pray for) eyes to see…

  • Your Second Emotional System

    Your Second Emotional System

    To work on emotional growth means you are developing a second emotional system. The FIRST System- (Survival Program) By the time you reach adulthood you have successfully developed one emotional system. That first system is your survival system. Also, called your boy program. Growing up you became a pleaser, fixer or caretaker. (To earn love)…

  • Growth Map

    Growth Map

    This workbook maps out your broken emotional system and reveals how you assembled it. It then shows you a way to go on a growth mission to repair your emotional system, resulting in a pathway to peace, rest, and joy.

  • Knowing Your Emotions

    Knowing Your Emotions

    When it comes to emotions, most people only see parts of their own emotional system. They have never mapped out their own emotional system. Meaning, they do not understand how all the parts fit together.