Equipping Christian Men for Richer Relationships

Tag: Day 95

  • Father, Mentor, and Trainer

    Father, Mentor, and Trainer

    Every man needs a father and mentor. Some fathers are not able to engage with their sons. And, those sons may struggle for a lifetime. Every son needs the blessing of a father who is also a guide and trainer. That son and father need to share life together. The blessing happens on a long…

  • Thoughts on Growth

    Thoughts on Growth

    (Quotes by unknown authors) Life is hard. And, we get stuck in places. Remember, to be kind to yourself. Rest. Regroup. Then, get up and keep growing. “On your journey remember to take imperfect chances.” -Waiting for perfection will stunt your growth. “Growth means moving to better thinking.” -Your old thinking got you here. It…