Equipping Christian Men for Richer Relationships

Tag: Day 17

  • My Restless Mind

    My Restless Mind

    Sometimes my mind loves to wallow in regret. It reminds me of failure as I try to fall asleep. It whispers, “Loser” in the dark of the night. It taps into painful decisions made in my youth. At times, in the quietest moments, my brain turns against me. What can one do? What do you…

  • A Letter From a Changing Wife

    A Letter From a Changing Wife

    Dear Husband, Two years ago we had that hard conversation. You said you were happy and would be staying the same. I chose growth. All my life I have been a pleaser and fixer. I tried so many times. But sadly, I could not fix us. So, I embraced a new strategy. I moved closer…