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A brother responded to the last post. He said, “my issue is anger.” Now that I have taken ownership of this “odd behavior,” what do I do about it?

Here are some suggestions.

  1. Recognize God is in the transformation business. Ask him to move you from old-stuck-anger to forgiveness.
  2. Determine to make this old weakness the place of new growth.
  3. Remember, anger is just badly expressed disappointment.
  4. Ask yourself, “when I am disappointed must I lose control of myself?”
  5. Set out to become an expert on the topic of anger.
  6. Over the next year, read 4 books on anger. (Audio books also count.) And, listen to podcasts on anger.
  7. Make one person your accountability partner. Confess every time you lose control. Do weekly check-ins.
  8. Venting anger is your “boy part” responding. Pressing in and holding disappointment is your “adult part” responding. Practice more adult responses.
  9. When you feel disappointment rising repeat, “I forgive you as I forgive myself.”
  10. Pray for wisdom daily and journal through any disappointments.

All glory to God. Amen


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