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What if you do a review of your life and this is your conclusion.

That is a sad statement.
And, an honest, deep, struggle-filled statement.

SAD- because it carries a longing and an unmet ache.

INSIGHTFUL- because now you have verbalized a driving, inner need.

ADDITIONALLY- on the inside, you are still a child searching for love.

Let’s push this discussion forward. What if your inner child just wants an answer to this question?
“Will anyone ever love me like crazy?”
To live successfully, this child question must be answered.

Here are a few of my thoughts.

  1. Admit that you’d like to live near a “love fountain” that never runs dry.
  2. Grieve and cry out for all the love stories that fell short.
  3. Determine to remove any obstacle that might hinder love from flowing your way.
  4. Let the adult-you say to the child-you, “Yes. ‘I’ will love you like crazy.”
  5. Then listen to your heavenly team respond. “Yes. I, Father, Son and Holy Spirit have loved you and will continue to love you. You are chosen, heavenly royalty and we are crazy about you.”
  6. Start repeating a new truth, I am loved.”
  7. Today, write a love story with your life.



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