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You were made to run on “love” and outflow “joy.” Love is your fuel source. When walking in love, joy will flow from your heart, soul, and spirit.

Landon Saunders dedicated his life to teaching about Jesus and joy. He is 86 years old and has cancer.

“Joy is love’s greatest ally. Joy holds no condemnation, judgment or fragility. Joy provides the atmosphere in which love grows, stays healthy and endures. Joy surrounds love, paves the way to love, evens out the bumps along the way of love. Joy steps in when love is strained. It keeps us balanced when anticipated love comes up short. In the presence of that joy, love is at its best.

I have made joy the default setting of my heart. No matter what happens, no matter my failure, no matter my loss, no matter my sadness, no matter the disease that now weakens my body, my heart returns to joy.”

Landon Saunders


Father, help my heart feel so loved today that my soul operates in a restful, joyful state. Amen


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