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Do you want to help me, learn me?

If so, you must “listen.”

And, I mean listen a lot and talk a little.

Listening is the skill of, you getting out of my way.
Talking is the skill of me, figuring something out.
When I’m talking to you, I am also learning about myself.

Here’s the me-talking, you-listening process.
Something difficult happens in my life.
It evokes a strong emotional response.
I start talking about it. First, describing how I’m feeling. I say. I’m so “ANGRY!”
After hearing myself say the word angry, I know it’s not exactly how I’m feeling.

I talk some more.
The Second time I try to describe what I’m feeling, I say. I’m DISAPPOINTED.”
Then, I think. That’s not the right word either.
(All the while, you’re just listening and letting me talk.)

The Third time I try to express what I’m feeling, I say, I’m SAD.”
Suddenly, I understand what I’m feeling!!!

Now, I can unwind and return emotionally to a more peaceful feeling.
Suddenly, with a big smile I turn to you and say. I’m so grateful for you and your fabulous “listening” skills. Thanks for helping me understand myself.


Your listening, helped me go deeper inside myself.


Jesus said, he who has ears let him hear (listen).


Father, thank you for my two ears. Amen


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