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How do you kill the thing that is killing you?

The thing that is killing your soul is self-condemnation. And, why would you not be in the habit of self condemnation? Someone once said, “You will be condemned 1,000 times for messing up and failing.”


Now, add to that thought, this rule: First, YOU condemn me! Then, later “I” condemn me!

So, how do you live in the promises of peace, rest and joy when your soul language is this?

  • You are stupid!
  • Not good enough!
  • You are different!
  • No one wants you!
  • You are a loser!
  • You are not lovable!

Today things change!

When condemnation whispers, speak back and say out loud these words.

Jesus, forgiven, grace, mercy, redeemed, his beloved, his chosen prodigal, and his sacrificially loved friend.

Kill the thing that is killing you with Jesus’ love!



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