Equipping Christian Men for Richer Relationships

I love working with motivated, emotionally confused, men. Often these men are caught in a relationship crisis and are looking for help. The men I most enjoy are hungry for new insights, strategies, and behaviors. They keep repeating. “Just tell us what to do!” It’s exciting because these men are like Cub Scouts packing for their first overnight campout. Hopeful. Delighted. Thrilled. They catch a glimpse of a more peaceful, emotional life.
Then, reality kicks in and my mind reminds me of these truths:

  • Emotional work is the hardest work they will ever do.
  • Change will take all their energy and then ask for more.
  • They will have to dig into the deepest part of their soul.

One third of any group will quit and return to their old ways by the first 30-day mark.

One third will stumble, breakdown, quit, return, start again, try a little more, and keep stumbling forward for a long time.

But, one third will find a stride and a sustainable pace. They know they can never return to their old, small ways. They have a new vision and are unstoppable.

Most of you are in the last group. It’s pure joy to be on an Emotional Growth mission with you.

Thank you.
All glory to – Father God, Coach Jesus and Trainer Holy Spirit. Amen


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