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A friend asked, “Why do I fear failure so much?”

What a wonderful question. Here are three thoughts.

1 . The language of failure is painful and cuts deeply.

“You are such a screw up!”


“What’s wrong with you?”

“Are you stupid?”

2 . In life you must answer a few, very basic questions. One of which is about your identity. The boy version of you walked around looking for an answer to this question, Am I good or bad? Unfortunately, failure language become part of your identity. “I am such a screw up.”

3 . Fear is good, in that it warns us of possible danger. Failure is bad when it comes with laughter, humiliation and shame. Our traumatic memories are often encased in thoughts of failure.

In Conclusion, fear is a warning system and is good. Failure is a natural part of learning. But, the “fear-of-failure” is a terrible, negative, soul limiting, driving force. It will be keep you in bondage. Or, you will do emotional-spiritual work and find freedom.

Verse-It is for freedom that Christ has set you free. (And, that includes freedom from the “fear-of-failure” that wants to own your soul.)


Father, release us from the fear-of-failure. Amen


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