Equipping Christian Men for Richer Relationships

When someone says, “You failed!” I get upset fast. My stomach and chest tighten. Then, fear floods my emotional system.

From my view, it’s an all out assault. The old, inner, voice whispers, “You failed again. You never learn. You’re just not good enough!” Blame and shame join the attack.

All it took was one judgemental word, disappointed face, or upset tone to set all this in motion. After several minutes in this emotional storm, I conclude “I’ve been attacked but I’m not dead. Time to recenter myself.”

This is the oldest, most painful battle in my soul. I’ve been called an unwanted, rejected, loser. Should I Accept or Fight?

Armor up!

A quick prayer is spoken, “Help please!”

Today,  I take my emotional stand.

Deep, slow breaths.

Feeling like a scared boy but thinking and acting like God’s, grown man. Old program or New program?

New- I am loved, chosen and good enough.

Next, I think these words about my attacker.

“You are broken humanity. You have pain in your soul. Today, your-struggling-soul is calling me a failure. I do not receive your condemnation!”


Jesus will you please SCREAM OUT my identity. I only want to hear you right now.   Amen.



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