Equipping Christian Men for Richer Relationships

Almost everyone has a pain storage place inside. It’s the place that holds fear, anxiety, and unworthiness.

You start your day feeling peaceful. Then, a disappointed, hurting person calls you a loser and a miserable failure. Immediately your
PAIN-STORAGE-PLACE door, flies open. You flood with feelings of anxiousness and failure.

Given that most people experience this failure-pain-flood, the question is this:

What is a healthy response to YOUR, stored-failure-pain when it’s released?

Step 1- Take a small step backwards.
Step 2- Say to yourself. “I know what this is! My pain-storage-place door just popped open. Flooding is happening.
Step 3- Take slow, deep, breathes. Repeat. “This is emotionally painful but I will not die. This is only ugly, raw, failure pain. It will not kill me.”
Step 4- Think these thoughts about the person calling you a loser. “You are just another broken human being. You don’t define me. I neither live for your approval or accept your condemnation.”
Step 5- “Only God gets to define me. He made me. And, he alone gets to tell me my worth.

CLOSE by thinking……
-Jesus already hung in my judgment place.
-I will not accept your judgement or condemnation.
-I belong to Abba! His words I have hidden in my heart. I now open my HEART-LOVED-STORAGE place.

Then, listen as the Holy Spirit whispers truths.


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