Equipping Christian Men for Richer Relationships

On your Christian walk you will have many decisions. But, there is one major emotional-spiritual decision:

You will either wrap yourself in God’s love and find rest.

Or, you will decide to “perform” to earn your love.

If you pick a performing lifestyle, your life will have some thrills but mostly you will be exhausted and empty.

Further, if you pick performing, you will need a supplement to keep yourself up and going. Here are some of the supplements individuals use. They try alcohol, drugs, internet, fantasies, caffeine, nicotine and/or pleasure seeking behaviors.

  • Trying to perform for love probably means you grew up not receiving much love.
  • Way back in your youth, you decided if you could be really good, others would have no choice but to deeply love you.
  • Underneath all the performing is a tired, under-loved-soul.
  • Truth be known, that boy is still confused about love and he doesn’t even like himself.

The boy/Man wakes up later in his life and realizes he started with one problem. Now, he has two problems.

  1. He still feels under-loved.
  2. And, he’s developed an escaping addiction.

God’s offer is still available. God raises his hand and says, “Pick me. Pick me! And, I will give you rest.” Amen



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