Equipping Christian Men for Richer Relationships

When a man is in recovery he needs one thought: “One day at a time.” But when a man starts an emotional growth mission he needs this thought: “Three years.”

This is what his emotional growth journey looks like:


  • A crisis starts your journey
  • Lots of starts and stops
  • Promises to change
  • Slips, apologies, recoveries
  • Lots of inner conflict
  • You join a group
  • Start trying out new insights and language
  • Make new friends
  • Movement from self pleasure to a more disciplined life
  • Your faith grows


  • Clearer thinking
  • More comfortable in your own skin
  • Changing is the new norm
  • Less fighting against and more moving towards
  • Bigger inner battles being won
  • Healthier thinking, deciding and acting
  • Awareness of the needs- of self and others
  • Much closer to God
  • Valuing discipline


  • Not the same guy who started this journey
  • Deep sorrow for the wasted time
  • Loves much deeper
  • Standing on a very solid foundation
  • Trust has been rebuilt
  • Safe, even when left alone
  • Humble. Readily admits, I am not invincible.
  • A strong, sacred bond with Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • Sees discipline as the path to joy
  • Strong in leadership. Teaches others

Biblical Concepts

Submit yourselves. Take the narrow path. Seek and you will find. Follow me- Jesus. Amen



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