Equipping Christian Men for Richer Relationships


  • A Message from your Wife

    A Message from your Wife

    My Dear Husband, I want to be loved really well. I have one husband and one marriage. I want my relationship to be great!

  • Men’s Emotional Self Awareness Test

    Men’s Emotional Self Awareness Test

    In this episode, Jonathan and Stephen dive into the journey of emotional self-awareness, especially for men – and offer a simple test to measure self-awareness.

  • Emotional Words for You (Part 2)

    Emotional Words for You (Part 2)

    Emotions and feelings are hard to define. We could call them feelings, concepts, and tools. We are spiritual and emotional beings. We need to always be working on spiritual and emotional growth. Learning and managing emotions is part of that growth. Here are five important emotions.

  • Emotional Words for You (Part 1)

    Emotional Words for You (Part 1)

    What are the important emotions and emotional skills necessary to run a healthy system? Emotions are words, concepts, and tools. They are both a state of being and tools to be used when needed.

  • Irresistible Love

    Irresistible Love

    I stumbled on to my life mission at summer camp. Being a summer camp counselor was my favorite job. I think I spent a better part of 13 summers working at summer camps. When I worked as a summer camp counselor, I had one special assignment: Take care of the “Toads.”

  • Outside Self and Inside Self

    Outside Self and Inside Self

    We all have an outer social self and an inner struggling self. What language do you use to describe your outside self and your inner emotional self?

  • Reconstructing a New Story

    Reconstructing a New Story

    One day in mid-life, you notice your youth is passing away. You are no longer that boundless young man. Your body is changing, hair is thinning, and you might have some physical ailments. It’s time to reconstruct a new story.

  • I Am Always With You

    I Am Always With You

    How is loneliness a doorway?

  • The ‘What if’ Question

    The ‘What if’ Question

    Who would you be if you had never been blamed, shamed or criticized?

  • Navigating Grief, Fear, and Transformation

    Navigating Grief, Fear, and Transformation

    We explore how childhood experiences shape adult behavior and emphasize the importance of recognizing and addressing emotional immaturity. Our conversation highlights the role of grief in self-discovery and the impact of critical parenting on self-criticism. Stephen and Jonathan stress the need for honesty, vulnerability, and self-reflection in achieving emotional growth and maturity.

  • Emotional Detachment

    Emotional Detachment

    How does a husband say yes to marriage and then live emotionally detached? How does it make any sense, when a detached husband is offered a chance to attach but he responds, no? Or, even more extreme, how does a man live a lifetime of detachment?

  • Truisms and Self-Condemnation

    Truisms and Self-Condemnation

    As a reader you need to know my passion. I’m on a mission to run a very, healthy, Soul program. Also known as an emotional program. To do so we need to operate on lots of truisms and minimize self condemnation.