Equipping Christian Men for Richer Relationships


  • Your Emotional/Spiritual Structure

    Your Emotional/Spiritual Structure

    Every Christian operates as a spiritual being and an emotional being. As such, you must stand on two different structures. Each structure has three parts.

  • I Can’t Change

    I Can’t Change

    What does “I can’t change” really mean?

  • Living More than a Love Story

    Living More than a Love Story

    Stephen and Jonathan dig into the important topic of trust through the lens of one man’s story that begins with him not being able to trust his parents with his thoughts and feelings and ends with him finally living a “love plus trust” story.

  • Connecting in Grief

    Connecting in Grief

    How well do you do at grieving with your wife? When she comes to you with her sadness, it’s an opportunity to connect.

  • Recognizing Detachment

    Recognizing Detachment

    The world seems to be divided into two types of people. They are Attachers and Detachers.

  • Six Thoughts on Marriage

    Six Thoughts on Marriage

    Marriage is designed to help you develop Christ-like qualities. When it’s done right, there is no better relationship on the planet. Marriage will push you to the edge of yourself. And, there you will discover new energy, new tools, and new deeper ways of living. Here are six thoughts on marriage.

  • Inside and Outside Me

    Inside and Outside Me

    Consider this letter. Does it sound like you?

  • The Disapproval Filter

    The Disapproval Filter

    We are all hungry for approval. But, what if your relationship “filter” was built around disapproval. In the depth of your soul you may be carrying a nagging feeling of disapproval. If this is you, it’s important to do emotional-spiritual work in this area.

  • Understanding Human Agency

    Understanding Human Agency

    Stephen and Jonathan unpack the four functions of agency and how they might help us develop better self-awareness and deeper faith and relationships.

  • Like Father…

    Like Father…

    What if your father is still a son looking for answers. What if he is stuck in seeking and never finding? Do you carry any tormenting questions?

  • Why do we Fall?

    Why do we Fall?

    Most of us have old emotional areas we battle and struggle to surrender to the spiritual. When you are emotionally hindered, find yourself stuck, or worse–break down, even though you still love Jesus, it’s your emotional program that needs work.

  • J.O.Y.


    Growing up, I was a confused struggling young man. School was hard. I had no talent. And, I developed later than other kids. I tried to be funny. But, slow kids are not that funny. There was no place where I excelled. I just knew, in the Church and with God it would be different.