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  • Navigating Grief, Fear, and Transformation

    Navigating Grief, Fear, and Transformation

    We explore how childhood experiences shape adult behavior and emphasize the importance of recognizing and addressing emotional immaturity. Our conversation highlights the role of grief in self-discovery and the impact of critical parenting on self-criticism. Stephen and Jonathan stress the need for honesty, vulnerability, and self-reflection in achieving emotional growth and maturity.

  • From Recovery to Growth Mission

    From Recovery to Growth Mission

    Recovery from addiction is more than just getting back on your feet. Recovery is this beautiful bridge to an exciting phase of self-discovery and growth.

  • Unwritten Rules

    Unwritten Rules

    Lots of struggling parents have rules to help the family survive. This is not about blaming anyone. Rather, it’s a chance for an individual to review the rules of their home when they were a child.

  • Recovery and Discovery

    Recovery and Discovery

    The topic of recovery has always been a little confusing. Everyone has their own understanding of the word. But, most agree recovery takes a long time. I asked a recovering friend this question. “What happens after recovery? Or, do you just die in recovery?” He said, No. You move to DISCOVERY.