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  • Twelve Griefs

    Twelve Griefs

    Grief is defined as distress over sad events. Grief involves some personal suffering and it may include some past mistakes, thinking errors, and poor decision making. Here are some common griefs shared by husbands.

  • Navigating Grief, Fear, and Transformation

    Navigating Grief, Fear, and Transformation

    We explore how childhood experiences shape adult behavior and emphasize the importance of recognizing and addressing emotional immaturity. Our conversation highlights the role of grief in self-discovery and the impact of critical parenting on self-criticism. Stephen and Jonathan stress the need for honesty, vulnerability, and self-reflection in achieving emotional growth and maturity.

  • Connecting in Grief

    Connecting in Grief

    How well do you do at grieving with your wife? When she comes to you with her sadness, it’s an opportunity to connect.