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Tag: Emotional Growth

  • From Recovery to Growth Mission

    From Recovery to Growth Mission

    Recovery from addiction is more than just getting back on your feet. Recovery is this beautiful bridge to an exciting phase of self-discovery and growth.

  • Missing Out on Emotional Growth

    Missing Out on Emotional Growth

    Don’t miss out on emotional growth. Don’t give up! Work on spiritual growth and emotional growth. Don’t miss what you could have.

  • Going Deeper

    Going Deeper

    Knowing how to have a deep emotional relationship with your wife means going deeper.

  • On Mission

    On Mission

    Are you on a growth mission? Everyone needs to be on an emotional growth mission. The mission includes working on emotionally weak or stuck areas in your life.

  • Give Your Emotions a Voice

    Give Your Emotions a Voice

    Today’s discussion is about using your voice. Some children were taught not to express their thoughts. Today, you are being asked to use your voice to express thoughts about yourself.

  • For Troubled Men

    For Troubled Men

    Since, you became a Christian, Jesus has patiently been waiting for you to invite him into the painful unworthy-belief-story that lives deep in your soul.

  • Recipe for Personal Growth

    Recipe for Personal Growth

    Stephen calls out four key ingredients for growth and change.

  • Male Maturity

    Male Maturity

    How does a man’s relationship thinking change over time? What is the difference between young, male, self-absorbed thinking and senior, male, Jesus-loving thinking?

  • Why Do We Fall?

    Why Do We Fall?

    Why do we fall? This is a deep question and we can’t ever fully answer the “why” questions. But it’s worth the conversation. In this episode, Stephen and Jonathan dive deep into the emotional and spiritual tangles that we all face.

  • The Goodness of Sadness

    The Goodness of Sadness

    Some individuals found emotions chaotic and painful. The solution was to turn off their emotions. (Detach) So, now when they are supposed to feel sad they feel numb instead.

  • Grumpy or Sage

    Grumpy or Sage

    Do you want to die a grumpy old man or a sage? To become a sage, you must do emotional-spiritual work in the middle years of life.

  • How Can I Lead Others When I Can’t Lead Myself

    How Can I Lead Others When I Can’t Lead Myself

    Many men struggle deeply with their godly responsibilities of leadership, especially in the home, because they aren’t even managing themselves very well.