Equipping Christian Men for Richer Relationships

Tag: Day 6

  • Emotional Dissonance

    Emotional Dissonance

    There are two types of people: Connectors and Disconnects. Emotional CONNECTORS love to talk, explore ideas, share insights, discuss relationships, and express feelings. Talking makes them feel relaxed and safe. It also makes them feel known and loved. Talking and being known are very important to connectors. Emotional DISCONNECTORS enjoy privacy. Growing up, no one…

  • A Safe Place

    A Safe Place

    I went to a seminar yesterday. The speaker said, “marriage is were two individuals try to create a safe space and help each other with individual growth”. Meaning – It was a light bulb moment!!! How can the above two things happen if either spouse is stuck (not changing) OR out of control? If, one…