Equipping Christian Men for Richer Relationships

1. Can you keep growing even if your spouse does not?

Yes. Life is one long, spiritual, emotional growth mission. If your spouse gets stuck you must keep growing.

2. What is a negative belief that can torment your soul?

Shame. It is the habit of regularly telling yourself, “You are worthless and unwanted.”

3. What is the fastest way to return your soul to rest?

Acceptance. You can kick, thrash, scream, rebel, and throw fits. But, acceptance is the starting point of growth.

4. What is the most important, connecting emotion?

Sadness. Life is full of grief, loss, disappointment, pain, and suffering. Being sad with a person makes an immediate connection.

5. What is the most misunderstood emotional concept?

It’s this. Your core fear drives all negative behaviors.

6. What lives beneath control, perfectionism, anxiety, unworthiness, and emotional detachment?

Your Core Fear.

7. What is the one thought that drives a man to develop an addiction?

When you peel back all the coping and escaping behaviors you find this thought. “I don’t like myself!”


Father, help me with my limiting beliefs, core fear, and bad behaviors. Amen


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