Equipping Christian Men for Richer Relationships

No more self-condemnation! Can you speak kind and helpful words over yourself? Can you be encouraging of yourself? Do you forgive yourself easily? Do you ever break out into laughter at your own imperfections?

Being kind and supportive of yourself is critical. It is essential to the goal of enjoying your life. We are told to live an abundant life; that’s one filled with peace, joy and rest.

The other way to live is one where you speak words like worthless and stupid over yourself. Additionally, when you make a mistake, you say,  “I’m so dumb.” When you are in a hurry and forget something,  you say to yourself “When are you going to grow up and be responsible? You are so irresponsible!” Or, when something fails because of your own poor planning, do call yourself, “Stupid!” You leave late for a meeting and in route you repeat, “When are you ever going to change?”

Which of these is you? Are you one of those individuals who is quick to condemn him/herself. You give grace and mercy to others but not yourself.  You can be kind and patient with others but not with yourself.

Or, have you learned to be quick to offer yourself grace and mercy. You realize no one is rushing over to encourage you.  It‘s up to you.  You who will either run a program of encouragement or self-condemnation.   You will speak kindness and forgiveness over self or you will speak worthlessness.

Look around and listen. You’ll either hear others running a program of self-condemnation or you’ll hear individuals who have stood in the presence of their Heavenly Father.  They’ve been bathed in love and forgiveness.

The more you stand in the love of our Abba Father, by the sacrifice of Jesus, and are welcomed into the kingdom, the more you know eternal, unrelenting love. In those heavenly moments, self-condemnation sounds like a really dumb idea. I decided to stop that old bad habit. No more self-condemnation.  When I fail, I run into the loving arms of my Abba.

I hope this article challenges you to make this proclamation out loud. “If God does not condemn me neither will I condemn me.  So, today is the beginning of the end of my self-condemnation program.”