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Our hearts are made for love, by love, and to love. The fuel of our heart is love. What is the opposite of love? Rejection.

So, we love, love and we hate rejection.
We love being chosen. We hate being excluded.

Criticism is verbal rejection. Criticism triggers rejection and pain: “You’re so stupid! You’re just a big screw up! Get away from me!”

Recently, I had some ugly, criticism directed at myself. Normally, I would wince in pain. This time something was different.

I was hit with harsh, ugly, criticism. But, my heart did not waiver or buckle.
Instead, my heart took no offense. My old, long-held, fear of rejection was gone. Instead, compassion flowed out.

I was quietly reminded that a broken human, in-pain, can easily turn and criticize you.

What was different? Was it that I was older? Or, closer to God? Or both?

My next thought was: “This hurting person does not want me, but God does.
God enjoys my company. And, I enjoy his.”

I further reflected. These days my heart seems to be overflowing with love. And, there’s no room to take in criticism. Finally, I concluded. I must be experiencing the new heart God promised.


I hope your heart is also being made new and so full of love that rejection has no impact.


I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you. Ez. 36-26. Amen



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