Equipping Christian Men for Richer Relationships

A wife tells her husband she is feeling lonely. She wants more closeness and emotional connection. She continues, I want us to grow deeper in our relationship. I want a deep, emotional connection with you.

Her husband, inwardly, snickers. Outwardly he says, “I’ll try.” He changes for a few days. Then, he falls back into his old, isolating behaviors. He tells her, “we’re fine. We don’t need an emotional connection.”

Over the years she continues to ask for deeper dialogue and moments of connecting. He makes lots of promises and has many starts and stops. One day her hope dies and she changes. She starts sulking, crying, withdrawing, screaming, threatening and talking about giving up.

So, her husband stands up and yells. “You see this is why I didn’t want to become emotional. Emotional people lose control and are crazy. It’s all your fault things are bad.”

Bible- Jesus wept. Got angry. Grieved. Cried out. And, longed for change. (Emotions are normal.)


Father, help us learn to use our emotions to grow deep, rich, love stories. Amen



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