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Albert Bandura, Psychologist is credited with developing this term, “Human Agency.” (Or, “Agency” for short.) Agency includes how you act, think and interact with life.

There are four parts to the definition of agency:

  1. What are your INTENTIONS?
  2. What are your expected OUTCOMES?
  3. How do you REGULATE yourself?
  4. Can you SELF-REFLECT?

Pay special attention to number four.

  • Can you see yourself?
  • Can you self-examine your thoughts?
  • Are you self-aware of beliefs?
  • Do you see how you act?
  • And, can you make corrections as needed?

Why am I writing about Agency? Because, you have one life to live. Running a healthy, emotional-spiritual system is essential to living a rich, full life. Agency asks. “Are you paying attention to your own intentions and are you getting better at self regulating?”

Don’t die running the same program you set up when you were 8 years old. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you your motives and unhealthy thoughts.


Search me, O God, and know my heart;
Try me and know my anxious thoughts

Psalm 139:23 NASB

(And, help me do the same.)

Reading these messages is about growing agency. Good job! God bless! Keep growing!



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