Equipping Christian Men for Richer Relationships

Remember, God is growing you in the following ways. He is.

I spoke to a friend. He shared that he’s been married for 20 years. He said his wife was emotionally, damaged growing up. And, as a result she was unable to bond to him. He asked, “how does a man live a good life while feeling alone and disconnected in his marriage?”

The answer, “You are on a transformational, growth mission.” Think of this situation as part of your growth assignment.

  • Teaching you how to live successfully while living in some discomfort.
  • Strengthening your endurance to go the distance.
  • Reminding you, life is about growth, not pleasure.
  • Growing you through suffering.
  • Forcing you to face and work through your fear of aloneness.
  • Making you decide if You, Father, Son and Holy Spirit (all inside you) are enough to live a good life.

Finally, he is shattering an old emotional-physical-love-template and he is growing a new spiritual-God centered-love template inside you.


Embrace this challenge of growth and transformation .

Pray for wisdom and strength. Amen