Equipping Christian Men for Richer Relationships

“Have you forgiven your younger self?”

I’ve had two discussions this week about this topic.

One man said. I spoke to my pastor about forgiving myself. He said that was psychological and not biblical. And, I should not think about that any more.

A second man said, I started to think about the idea of forgiving myself. It took some wrestling but that one thought has brought me to tears. I have felt great sadness for the pain the younger-me endured.

To live an emotional “connected” life you must be good at sadness and forgiveness. (Including self forgiveness)

Jesus died for you to receive forgiveness.
The New Testament is full of acts of forgiveness.
Colossians says forgive one another.
Forgiveness is a heavenly act.
And, sadness is needed for soul healing

There are two questions.
1 . Are you allowed to drink from the living water of Jesus’ forgiveness?
2 . Can you forgive your younger self and be made whole again?

In Jesus’ name, I say Amen.