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What happens on an Emotional-Spiritual Growth Mission?

You first notice your biggest, scariest wound starts shrinking. Then, you start to see some smaller wounds that also need work.

You discover God is always ready to meet you in your wounded place. And, God always speaks wisdom and brings healing.

You notice you’ve stopped running away. And, feeling powerless is diminishing.

Your thinking starts changing. The fear that you will die in pain, shame and blame, lessens.

Then, the opposite starts to happen. You start growing in hope and peace.

You recognize God’s love is healing you. When you pray for help a few new insights arrive. Then, more and more “ah ha” moments happen.

You’ve always had the same choice. Grow or stay stuck. Now, you’re taking a chance and picking growth. It’s funny to admit. But, after a very short time you start enjoying growth and freedom.

The more you grow the more relief arrives. A roadmap starts to appear. And, this thought follows. I will never allow myself to live stuck, again.

Verse- Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.


Father, thank you for showing up in my stuck places. Amen



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