Equipping Christian Men for Richer Relationships

Author note

I was asked recently if these blogs included aspects of my life. Here is how I create a blog.

I hear an important emotional concept from a person, podcast or book. The concept creates a light bulb moment. (Or, the Holy Spirit points it out and shakes me.) Either way my response is to immediately write it down. Then, it cooks for a day or two. The thought either rises like a great, loaf of french bread or stays like a cracker. This question also rises, will this emotional concept bless and train a group of men?

Next, I set the concept in the framework of healthy, emotional thinking. It either gets written up as an emotional tool. Or, the concept is taught through a story. Sometimes the story may sound like a peek inside myself. It is more accurate to say it includes pieces of 100 men and women who have touched my life. And yes, it is also written through my eyes and with a sprinkle of my emotional passion. Remember, I’ve been listening to men and working in men’s ministry for 30 years.

Today’s Lesson

To be successful you need three tool boxes:

  • Logical Tools- used to solve problems and fix things.
  • Spiritual Tools- to understand God, meaning and purpose.
  • Emotional Tools-to build deep relationship connections, to carry you through the highs and lows of life and to help you live a life filled with passion.


God, please bless us today as we grow all our tools but especially our emotional tools. Amen


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