Equipping Christian Men for Richer Relationships

It is a simplified, roadmap to freedom. It’s written as one person’s story. And, it’s a gift to hopefully educate and encourage you.

(Note- Some emotional wounds are deep and heal slowly. This is an educational, emotional map and not intended to treat trauma.)

FIRST – I knew the way forward was back through the pain.  So, I walked into the storage place of my old, childhood pain.

SECOND – In that pain, I started to cry out. And, have a deep, questioning, conversation with God. I knew the Holy Spirit would whisper insights. I just needed to seek and be still.

THIRD- After several encounters and many conversations, things started shifting. The wound, stopped being so scary.

FOURTH- The sadness of my wound had never been completely taken. But, it’s become more like a sorrowful, whisper and less like an overpowering scream.

FIFTH- These days the old, scary, wound has become more like a Spiritual Family Campground. It’s where I know there will be a reunion of me, Abba, Son, and Holy Spirit.

SIXTH- I no longer live a private, sad, unhappy life. Freedom and joy stand as beacons over my dark, ugly past.

SEVEN- Today, the Passionate-Inner-Me, the Outside-Grown Up-Me and the Holy Spirit are working like a team. I feel peaceful and whole. And, I’m starting to truly enjoy God, myself, and this journey.

Verse- If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.


Father, please heal all of me.  Amen


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